Afienya Branch,

Afienya Branch: The Adonai International Ministries Afienya branch also known as the Dr Ahiagbedey Assembly was established on the month of February 1988 and is pastored by Bishop Mawuli Bekor-Williams and his team of ministers. The Dr Ahiagbedey assembly Afienya branch is located at Boish on the Afienya- Dodowa road. 150 meters from the junction.
Contact number: +233-208-122807 /+233-249-530403.

Adonai International Ministries (AIM) started as an Evangelistic Ministry on the 18th of July 1980, under the name End-time Ministry Incorporated, in an uncompleted building of the Tema North Presby Church Community 4 –Tema (now Trinity Presby Church).
Meetings days were on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Members of this ministry were mainly students from all the various second-cycle schools in Ghana in those days. Since all members of the ministry were students, meetings were held during vacations and brought to a halt when schools reopened. This went on for some time until some students completed school and came home, either awaiting results or preparing to rewrite their exams, which was termed “Housing Corporation”. From this time on meetings were held throughout the year.


Branch Location