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Giving FAQ

At Adonai International Ministries, the question of “How much should I give?” is not confined to a specific number, but rather, it’s an invitation to discover the generosity within one’s heart. The essence of giving in this vibrant community goes beyond mere financial amounts; it’s about contributing with a spirit of love, compassion, and dedication. Here, every individual is encouraged to give according to their means and purpose, fostering a culture of inclusivity and genuine altruism. In the act of giving, members find not only a connection to their faith but also a profound sense of unity and the knowledge that their contributions, whatever their size, play an essential role in the church’s mission to make a positive impact on the world.

Certainly! At Adonai International Ministries, the freedom to adapt your giving is not only welcomed but celebrated. The question of “Can I change the amount I give?” embodies the church’s commitment to flexibility and understanding the evolving circumstances of its congregation. Whether your financial situation fluctuates or your heart’s desire to make a difference grows, Adonai embraces the idea that your giving should be a reflection of your personal journey and commitment to the community. So, the answer is a resounding “Yes,” for at Adonai, your ability to adjust your contributions is not only allowed but encouraged as a testament to the church’s commitment to empowering each individual to give from the heart.

At Adonai International Ministries, your peace of mind and security are paramount. Our online giving/payment system is fortified with cutting-edge encryption and security measures to ensure the utmost protection of your personal and financial information. We’ve partnered with industry-leading technology providers to guarantee that your online donations are processed with the highest standards of confidentiality and safety. Your trust in our secure online giving platform allows you to contribute conveniently and confidently, knowing that your generosity is both impactful and protected.

Certainly, at Adonai Int. Ministries, we respect and uphold your privacy choices. We understand that the act of giving is deeply personal, and for those who wish to make an anonymous donation, we provide a discreet and confidential option. Your desire to contribute without revealing your identity is honored with the utmost discretion, allowing you to support our mission and community in a way that feels most comfortable for you. Your anonymous donation reflects not only your generosity but also your commitment to the values of humility and selflessness that are integral to our church’s mission.

Adonai Int. Ministries is dedicated to making your giving experience as seamless and meaningful as possible. We are proud to offer our donation service with absolutely no charges or fees imposed on you. Your contributions go directly towards supporting our community and outreach efforts, and we ensure that your generosity remains unburdened by any additional costs. At Adonai, we believe in the purity of your gift, and your commitment to our mission is honored without any financial encumbrances. Your contributions are a testament to your faith, love, and dedication, and we are deeply grateful for your unwavering support.