Church Leadership

Bishop Richard Ahiagbedey

Presiding Bishop

Founder Bishop Richard Ahiagbedey, the visionary pioneer of Adonai Int. Ministries, is a beacon of unwavering faith whose profound spiritual insights and leadership have steered the church towards global recognition and spiritual enlightenment, inspiring countless lives.

Bishop Patrick Morgan

Associate Bishop and Head - AIM Ashaiman Branch

Associate Bishop Patrick Morgan, a devoted servant of God, brings his extensive knowledge and pastoral wisdom to Adonai Int. Ministries, nurturing a sense of unity and purpose among the congregation while providing crucial support to the church’s leadership team. He heads Adonai Int. Ministries Destiny Temple – Ashaiman.

Apostle John Appiah

Apostle - AIM HQ

Apostle John Appiah, a spiritual luminary within Adonai Int. Ministries, illuminates the path of faith with divine grace and revelatory teachings, driving congregants to live their faith fervently and experience a profound spiritual transformation.

Bishop Davies Ofosu

Head - AIM Takoradi Branch

Bishop Davies Ofosu, a cornerstone of the church, exemplifies pastoral excellence in his leadership role, offering spiritual guidance and nurturing a thriving community within Adonai Int. Ministries. He heads Adonai Int. Ministries – Takoradi.

Rev. Chris Pardie

Head - AIM Afienya Branch

Rev. Chris Pardie, a compassionate shepherd of the flock, dedicates his heart to the congregation’s spiritual nourishment, fostering a culture of love, growth, and unwavering unity within Adonai Int. Ministries, where faith flourishes. He heads Adonai Int. Ministries – Afienya.